Canine Shampoo Bar

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Handcrafted with Aloha, Coconut Clean's Canine Shampoo Bar is made with Neem & Essential Oils designed to combat fleas and ticks. We blend in Organic Gluten Free Oats and Aloe Vera juice for a healthy skin & coat.  This easy to use, long lasting bar will keep you best friendʻs fur healthy, happy and smelling good!

*This product will not interfere with your monthly topical flea and tick prevention medication


Ingredients:  Saponified organic extra virgin coconut, jojoba, olive, castor and avocado oils, aloe vera, raw cocoa butter, unrefined organic african shea butter, organic gluten free oats, neem oil, raw honey, green tea extract, essential oils and grapefruit seed extract

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jessica , 06/09/2016

I use this all the time on my dog and I have never strayed since using it! It's awesome, smells good and gets my dog clean. I've been using it for over eight years now, I think! Love it!

Reviewed by RobynJ , 05/27/2016

By far the best dog soap I have ever used! I have 3 Pomeranians and it is quite simply the best!

Reviewed by Cameron , 06/11/2014

We took all four of our pups out to the lake for a day of muddy splash about fun. When we got home I used the Canine Shampoo Bar on them and they got so clean! Even three days later they still smell great and are silky soft! Awesome product!

Reviewed by Susan , 09/14/2013

Love the bar soap. I was worried that it would be hard to work with but it lathers really nicely. Love the richness of the soap and how the complex scents come together. It last a long while too, the soap and the beautiful scent.

Reviewed by Jonathan , 02/04/2013

Iʻve been washing my terrier with Coconut Cleanʻs Canine products for the past two years. He had terrible skin problems that the vet couldnʻt fix with the medicated stuff. Since we started bathing him with Coconut Clean, his skin cleared up and his coat is softer than ever. I love both the Canine Cleanser and the Canine Shampoo Bar. Whats nice about the bar is it seems to last twice as long as the bottle and the organic oats are good for calming his skin.
Jonathan D. from Encinitas, CA