Coconut Water Mist Sampler

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Our Coconut Water Mist Sampler is the best way to try all of our aromatherapy lines. This sampler pack makes a perfect gift and comes beautifully wrapped in a natural fiber bag and decorated with hand-picked seashells found on the beach.

Coconut Cleanʻs Coconut Water Mists are made with essential oils and Coconut Water. Coconut water provides nourishment and light hydration for your skin making it perfect for those trying to avoid oil based moisturizers as with the HCG diet. The healing properties of Coconut water are enhanced when combined with our therapeutic essential oils. Just a spritz or two is ideal for setting mineral make-up or providing a light scent and moisture for your hair. Our coconut water mists make delightful pillow sprays, room fresheners and they are a nice way to freshen clothing. This is our most versatile product!


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Amanda , 11/26/2013

I purchased the coconut vanilla mist before and absolutely LOVE it! I was so happy to see this sampler pack added to Coconut Cleanʻs website because Ive always wanted to try them all. I ordered one for me a two for gifts. I love all the scents and now I can choose a new scent for different occasions.