Lavender Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

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Calm your spirit as you nurture your skin with Coconut Cleanʻs Lavender Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Feel the healing benefits of organic virgin coconut oil infused with our European Lavender flowers and essential oils. The ultimate relaxation massage in a bottle!


Ingredients: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil infused with essential oils and organic European Lavender


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Beverly o, 12/04/2012

I've tried several of your products and haven't ever been disappointed. It would be hard to choose a favorite but if I had to, it would definitely be your Lavender Oil and Lip Balms. I truly adore your Lavender Oil. I use it in the shower before going to bed almost nightly. It relaxes me so much after a stressful day. I have multiple sclerosis and my days are very stressful; but your Lavender Oil helps to relieve a lot of that stress. I also enjoy using it on a towel in my Yoga class at the end when we are in our resting place, it is extremely soothing.