Mister Canine

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Mister Canine is the perfect daily refresher for your best friend.  This unique, long-lasting spray is made with coconut water to nourish your dog's skin and maintain a shiny, healthy coat.  With the healing properties of Neem and an exotic blend of essential oils to combat fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, Mister Canine will keep your pooch smelling great in between baths. Made for dogs, but tested on humans, try our entire line of canine products and you will discover what a difference natural ingredients can make for you and your best friend!

*This product will not interefer with your monthly topical flea and tick prevention medication


Ingredients: Coconut water, distilled water, neem seed oil, essential oils and grapefruit seed extract


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Susan , 09/14/2013

Absolutely cannot get through flea season without this. I use this spray directly where I see the fleas and they're instantly killed. Corey, my poodle, says thank you! Me too!

Reviewed by Tabitha , 02/04/2013

I love the smell of the Mister Canine! I feel better about spraying something natural on my two dogs. It makes them smell nice and keeps their coat and skin healthy. The best part is how well it worked on killing the fleas and ticks on contact.
When we were on a hike with the dogs, we tried the Mister Canine on ourselves to keep the mosquitoes from biting us, too. It worked like a charm! Tabitha M. from Boise, ID

Reviewed by Anonymous , 12/04/2012

This is GREAT for my dogs!! It is very light (leaving no odd residue on the dogs coat) but long lasting. The smell is clean and natural. I often sneak a spray or two on the pillows they lay on after I mist them. It's that good!