Oatmeal Honey Aloe Bar Soap with Neem

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Try the worlds best Oatmeal Soap! Coconut Cleanʻs Oatmeal, Honey & Aloe Bar Soap is made with organic, gluten free oats and was specifically designed for very sensitive skin. We add Raw Honey for its natural antioxidants & antibacterial properties and Aloe Vera Juice for soothing and healing. It also contains Neem Seed Oil, a traditional treatment for severely damaged skin, with concentrated essential fatty acids to help restore moisture and elasticity to the skin while it disinfects and heals. We blend these fabulous ingredients in a nourishing, handcrafted soap base of organic virgin coconut, avocado, jojoba and raw African shea butter.  This synergy is one of our finest creations!  Give it a go… your skin will thank you!


Ingredients: Saponified organic virgin coconut, avocado oil, raw African shea butter, fresh organic aloe vera juice, organic jojoba extract, organic aloe vera, organic olive oil, grapeseed oil, organic gluten free oats, raw local honey, organic neem seed oil & grapefruit seed extract.


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Lynnette, 06/20/2017

I love this soap! I have very sensitive skin and I can use this bar even on my face.