Organic Scented Coconut Oil Sampler

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Love our Organic Scented Coconut oils? Now you can try them all with our new sampler pack! This sampler pack makes a perfect gift and comes beautifully wrapped in a natural fiber bag and decorated with hand-picked seashells found on the beach.


Coconut Clean's Organic Scented Coconut Oils are made with the highest food grade coconut oil available. Our Fijian Coconut oil is raw, first cold pressed oil that is never heated over 100° farenheit. Our RAW Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is directly sourced from a family-owned farm and extracted in the grove where the coconuts are picked fresh daily.
Coconut oil is high in antioxidants and its small molecular structure makes it easily absorbed. Coconut Cleanʻs Organic Scented Coconut Oils are superb for massage, bathing and hair treatment. To learn more about why organic virgin coconut oil is beneficial for your skin and hair, read our excerpt from "The Benefits of Coconut Oil" by Bruce Fife.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jennifer C, 12/28/2015

I received this as a gift and I absolutely love these oils! Every scent is so wonderful, that Iʻm having trouble deciding which ones to order in the large size. I especially like mixing the Earth & Sky with the vanilla bean infusion oil. Another great combo is the Hawaiian with the Orangewood. I put them on directly after the shower and my skin stays so soft and smells amazing! I cant wait to get more, Thank you!

Reviewed by Angela F, 05/14/2014

I ordered this to control ongoing underarm odor. I have tried everything on the market and was about to undergo the Miradry procedure to remove the sweatglands at the tune of $3000.00. But it was well worth it to rid the never ending battle or armpit funk! From time to time I would wear body oil and will occasionally wear some under my arms. I started recalling that when I would wear the coconut mango the b.o. would be less intense but would still have presence because I was wearing it with antiperspirant. So this lead me to do some research on coconut oil to control armpit odor and I found your wonderful site. I have poured out the deo from my roll ons and poured in the coconut oil. I used only the coconut oil, not only did I not have any arm pit b.o. it held me for 12 hrs. until I showered again. Typically, I would begin to experience armpit b.o. within 2 hrs. needing to reftesh. So I thank you for this organically, wonder pleasant smelling have earned a customer for lyfe!

Angela Flager