Scrub Sampler Pack

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Coconut Cleanʻs Scrub Sampler Pack is an ideal gift for the skin care devotee.  This lovely little box comes with a half ounce jar of each of our Salt and Sugar Scrubs (eight in all) and is decorated with natural raffia and seashells hand-picked from the beach... Each jar supplies several exfoliating experiences packed into this beautifully displayed box. A great way to try them all!

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Dinah J, 11/26/2013

Like the other review says - fast shipping! This is such a beautiful gift, but I bought it for me. The little box mine came in was not oily and perfect in everyway. Each scrub is nicely packaged and feels great on my skin. It is totally amazing how you can scrub your skin with it, dry or wet, and your skin feels completely renewed in a matter of seconds. So far, the Earth & Sky is my favorite. Iʻll be ordering a big one of these. I highly recommend this product!

Reviewed by Cristine o, 12/04/2012

First of all, I wasn’t expecting to receive my package so fast. That was great. When I opened the shipped cardboard box, I was surprised to see that it was an inside-out Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers box. That threw me off a little, but I found the note inside that said Coconut Clean was earth-friendly which was just fine. After that, I found the invoice and it was nice to see a handwritten note. It was from Teresa asking me to find their BlogSpot. Coconut Clean didn’t strike me as a small family business until I saw the reused box and the handwritten note and put two and two together. The product itself, Coconut Clean’s Scrub Sampler Pack, was so nicely put together that I didn’t want to open it. There were two pretty shells tied to the product box with this dyed string stuff (sorry, I don’t know what it’s called!). Anyways, I got over my "un"desire to open the product box and untied it. And I love using these products! Eight different smells. Salt scrubs and sugar scrubs. So nice! The reason I rated this a 4 instead of a 5 is because, although none of the lids were loose and I could not find any leaks, the product box was oily on the inside. I couldn’t use the product box to store the scrubs like I had originally planned to. Regardless, I would definitely by this product again! (: