Tea tree Spearmint-Clary sage Shampoo Bar

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Our Tea tree Spearmint Clary Sage Bar is a healing remedy for your scalp and hair. Tea Tree cleanses clogged pores and sebum from hair follicles, eliminates dandruff, fungus, infections and clears acne. Spearmint refreshes and stimulates scalp and awakens the spirits. Clary sage promotes hair growth and balances hormones.

To use: Wet hair and apply the bar directly to your scalp and hair; Massage thoroughly to create a rich lather that rinses clean, leaving your hair weightless and residue free.  Rinse well and style as usual. For conditioning, we recommend a pre-treatment with one of Coconut Cleanʻs Organic Scented Coconut Oils.

Ingredients - Saponified organic virgin coconut oil, castor oil, organic rice bran oil, avocado oil, organic jojoba extract, organic raw cocoa butter, organic raw shea butter, tea tree, clary sage & spearmint essential oils,  grapefruit seed extract & natural mineral color

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Angela , 05/01/2014

It has completely cleared up my husband's flaking, itchy scalp. None of the harsh shampoos has helped much. I'm going get some for my son!

Reviewed by Diana , 10/05/2013

This is great for dandruff! My husband had been using nasty, chemical-laden dandruff shampoos that stunk up our bathroom every morning. When I bought this for him to try, he was skeptical but tried it just to shut me up, I think! Well, guess what? No more dandruff and no more toxic smells in the bathroom or on his head!

Reviewed by Sandy H, 09/14/2013

I have actually been using this as a facial bar and I love it! Breaks down the makeup residue and my face feels clean but not stripped.

Reviewed by Hobicat , 12/04/2012

I LOVE this shampoo. Didn't think I'd like a "bar" instead of liquid - was afraid it wouldn't lather. Quite the contrary - it lathers easily, smells great, and made my hair squeaky clean. It also gave my hair fullness without the frizzies as it usually gets in this Florida humidity. Highly recommend!