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Coconut Cleanʻs Bar Soaps are handcrafted from scratch in small batches. Many soaps claim to be handcrafted, but you can tell if they are manufactured with a pre-made soap known as "melt & pour" by ingredients such as glycerin, sorbitan, oleate, soybean oil, soybean protein and wheat protein; some even look like jello! The glycerin found in our soaps is naturally occurring through the cold process. We use only essential oils; you will NOT see “fragrance” as one of our ingredients, which is synthetic and does not have any aromatherapy properties.
 Our Bars are PALM OIL FREE! We choose to leave palm oil out of our ingredients list. Palm oil production is destroying the Southeast Asian rain forests and having devastating effects on wildlife dependent upon this unique ecosystem. At Coconut Clean, we use pure, Organic Coconut Oil which is superior in every way.